Help me researching the history of my SPF

Hi guys,

I am currently researching the history of my SPF GT40 MK1

I know that car was built by the old Dynamic Motorsports from Ohio in 2008 or 2009.

The Chassis number is 2208 and it was registered in the States as a 1965 Ford GT40 under VIN GT40P1035.

Unfortunatly, the rest ofthe documentation I have is very sparse.

I know the car was ordered by a Mr. Kaj Wehtje from Sweden, registered in the States and then exported to Sweden in 2009, where I just bought it.

Performance Engineering provided the engine.

The car was specified with a ZF/RBT gearbox and the Willwood calipers were replaced with period correct Girling BR and CR calipers.

The photo shows the car in 2014, when the previous owner bought it in Sweden.

Does anyone have more info about the car, is it in the Shelby registry etc?

1035 in showroom.jpg
My best suggestions would be to contact:

As the number of Superformance cars out there has increased over time, I'm not sure either has as complete coverage as they once did, but it's worth a shot. As the current owner of P/2208, I'm sure they'll both try to help you.
Your car 2208 is in the last published Shelby Cobra and GT40 registry.

Could someone post the information or is that copyrighted and I will have to buy the book?

And if so, where can I get it from and which edition is the last one? Number 4 , if I'm not mistaken?