CV joint axles

Hi. I am currently trying to source drive axles for my project. I am using C5 Corvette hubs and would like to attach a drive axle to an Audi 01E transmission. So, in short, connecting a 30 spline axle (GM) on one end and a 114mm B.C. 6-hole pattern flange on the other end. These are to machined to a custom length to fit my application. I received a quote from RCV Performance Products but is not within my budget.
Thank you. I will give them a call. For any reason that they are not able to help me, I can maybe pursue Explorer axles. Do you know the year/model of the Explorer I should research?
The reason he used Explorer axles is because the cobra used an exporer's center section and wheel hubs. So they only had to cut and spline one side.

For your situation, hopefully the diameter of the vette axle on the inboard side is big enough for the inner CV. For his, the axle after cutting however much off we had full diameter shaft stock.
That makes sense. The corvette axle has plenty of material that I can work with. I contacted Dutchman axles and they can help me out with this. Really appreciate your information as this solves my problem. Have a great day!