Dean's SLC track test and tune

Nice write-up.

Not sure what slicks you are running, but you should try Dunlops. They ain't cheap, but the grip is unreal, especially when new. Lots of 18" sizes available.

The only distributor on the east coast is Sasco Sports.

Tire Specs :: SascoSports
Dean your write-up is fantastic! You let us know what you are thinking, what you are feeling, what the car is doing, what you are seeing, it's great!

That car is fast, man!

Think about: I mean, really THINK about it: you might one day be able to lap Hallet as fast as an Ariel Atom! WOW!

Great write up!

Bassanio et Portia
If you are looking for even more grip, check out Michelins. We have done quite a bit of testing, and they are the fastest.. just dont last the longest ;)