Dean's SLC track test and tune

The ticking noise is from the fuel pumps. Unfortunately they are mounted on the same sheet of aluminum that the camera is so it transfers directly through to the camera.

This car is not only fast, it is really easy to control. The balance, the brakes, the drive train, the suspension, are all just a pleasure to run.
You can hear the axle snap right before you spin. Or I think it was the axle. I heard a loud sound then you spin.

By way great car. I know you said you were coming to RA this summer. Do you have a set date.
Dean, absolutely great job completing your build & getting on track so soon.
Car looks well behaved for first time out.
Looks like you caught 1st gear instead of 3rd, (something I have done driving the GTM-R, getting 2nd when going for 4th), when the axle snapped.
Actually a good thing, as 1st gear at that speed would have over-reved the engine mechanically, potentially damaging it.
Anyone tracking their cars, this is so easy to do, so keep it in the back of your mind.
Remember that a rev limiter can only shut the fuel/spark off, but has no effect if you force the revs high on a shift.
I was fortunate too, I was able to get the clutch in when I realized my mistake, before I damaged the engine.
Dean, you handled that a helluva lot better then I would. I couple of slaps to the wheel maybe a shrug of the shoulders and calm, cool and collected. I'd have filled the air with balck n blue!! Great looking car and thanks for posting the vid. You'll be back out there soon. That gear change does look like it will take some getting use to though. Its close.
Thanks guys for all the comments. The problem started in that corner when I missed the gate for 3rd and had the clutch and the brake in way to long. In an effort to get back on the gas it looks like I did hit 1st gear by mistake. I initially thought I was in 3rd and dropped the clutch which broke the axle but after watching the video, it looks like it was a first gear shift. I really try to shift very deliberately even if it means slowing down just a hair to avoid this but I was still getting use to the new car.

This car handles so good, the video just doesn't do it justice.

Jack, you sent me a message about the mirrors. The drivers side works OK but I never found the sweet spot on the passenger side. I think you need to be taller with yours to see around the wing. I might change mine too.
Thanks Dean, I'm pretty sute the "hippo ears" would provide better rearward visibility.
Nice RV camera monitor setup! I'm really enamored with that blue color, maybe we'll see another blue one in Florida pretty soon.
Do you monitor gearbox temps too? Any info there? I remember the cooler you installed, but can't remember if there was a fan or something thermostatically controlled to switch it on?

Also any signs the accusump added oil pressure during your track runs?

When I put my new fuel cell in the old Porsche, it immediately jammed up my fuel pump. I was told little bits of stuff come out of the fuel cells, especially at the start. I then installed a large, clean-able Peterson filter before the 044 Bosch pump. If it gets noisy (every few years, now), I clean the element.

Not sure how your filter is connected, but might be worth cleaning out any debris next time you are low on fuel. What I do is take the outlet of the FPR flip on the pump and fill a 2 gallon jug and put the rest in my other car. From there, I use the 2 gallon to prime the tank after I've cleaned the element.

Very happy for you! Awesome job, again!

Great job Dean, I am still amazed at how quick that car was assembled. Nice work, the car looks fantastic. Keep it up!
A couple of thoughts on watching your vid; First, the steering ratio appears to be on the slow side and you are shifting your hands on the wheel quite a lot which may also be due to the weight of the steering. Faster rack with electronic assistance?
Second, the the throw on the gearbox shift seems quite long. Frankly the first thing that sprang to mind watching the vid was that you could do with a sequential shift box ( no more slotting the wrong gear either!), but that is of course not a cheap solution to something you may not consider to be a problem.
All in all it looked pretty fab for a first shakedown.
We run EPS in the race car but the rack is still the same ratio the VIR 13 hr race three of the four drivers turned it off and prefered the feel of the manual steering.

We also have a customer runing a steering quickener....not really got any confirmed feedback if he liked the feel of it yet..

I don't monitor the gearbox temps. The cooler is for engine oil only and it is turned on by the GM harness. I am using the wire that is intended for the radiator fans but it works equally well for the oil cooler.

The fuel pre-filter is full of junk. I expected that even though I worked hard to clean the tank before installation. You can' avoid it, its just part of the process.

I think a steering quickener is at least worth a try. It can be a trade off between less input to get through the corners and twitchy at higher speeds. I am going to try a 1.5 to 1 Howe Racing unit and see how it feels. The rack feels great and is really pretty effortless but enough to still get good feedback from the track.

The throw of the shift might be shortened by drilling new holes on the shift arms at the gear box but I would want to have Fran's input before I try that.
Hi Dean,
Thanks for the info! You've got a super fun toy. I'm pretty much convinced that I'll sell my 911 and build one of these. I even bought a G50/52 w/ LSD coming soon. It is a good working unit with light use and cheaper than a core.

Is there no need for an oil cooler for the gearbox or is that dependent upon the length of your driving sessions? I'm used to only 20 minute sessions, so that seems reasonably easy on the gearbox oil temps.

I think on my next fuel system, I'll put a ball valve between the tank and the pre-filter, so as not to have to deal with draining the tank each time. I think a few vendors make AN ball valves for just such a purpose.


Having a chance to let you know how amazing i think the car is made my day. thanks for posting this for me to see, Really cannot get the SLC thing out of my mind over this past week. Great...Here comes another devorce :thumbsdown:JK & Meh!

on the sequential issue, I know porsche trans cost loads so I used one of these in my gt3rs last season. Worked amazing, Im sure it Wears inside the trans but saves on selecting wrong gears on downshifts and comes with a digital gear selecter so you know what gear your in. Not the real full dogbox but its kinda a neat little thing for the porsche 997 trans.

The box Bolts right onto any 997 trans. When I was looking for mine there were some forsale used for almost half off the price. only setback I could see was that it was not 100% seqential shifter system as you need to use the clutch for downshifting. I did however feel much more safe banging downshifts in tight situations where I used to worry about missing gears. I also found it much much faster. I just wanted to let you know one solution I tried and found worked back in my porsche days. Best of luck. Here is the link. Lots to be had on this site for shifting solutions. Check it out, I just want to help.
SQS porsche shifter or another sqs shifter video
Dean that was a great job in your write up, watched the video and was great driving on what looks like a really fun track, too bad it did not have a long straight so you could really wind it up. I could hear the clicking noise and it is just like mine that is the fuel pump I bet. I have taken mine to Road Atlanta and got up to 180 mph on the back straight and I have had it to the new track Atlanta Motorsports Park but blew the clutch in the second session. Not going to be a high horsepower track but is a lot of fun, Your car looks great and I see you built it for track days only. Looks fast. I liked the rear camera monitor up where the rear view mirror goes. Nice touch want to know what motor and gear box package and how many Hp?
How is the car at 180? What aero package are you running (street or race tail, splitter, rear wing, etc)? Thanks!

My 07 Corvette would get really light after 160.

Dean, your car looks awesome! Thanks for the excellent build thread and the great videos!!!
Justin it was pushing through turn 9 at 180 mph, I was able to get it to turn but had to take it at that speed then on, I have the wing on the rear, it is the race wing from what Fran says, I don,t know the tail section it was the first tail section design built and modified with a couple of intake scoops 2 on the side and 1 just behind the glass.I called Fran after that and we have now installed the vents in the front fender and a new splitter with the tunnels in the splitter. I have not had it on the track to check it out since, this was last November. I hope to get it out soon. The car was very stable and felt totally under control at 180, it did not dart or float.