Dimensions from a stock GTD

Head scratching right now on my GTD....... If anyone could be kind enough to measure a few things for me from a stock GTD, I would appreciate it.

I would like the front tire center to center measurement as well as the distance between the outsides of the front tires.

I would like the same for for the rear as well.

Many thanks

I assume this is what you are looking for?:-

Front Track Width: 57" (1448mm) 8.5"-10" tyres
Rear Track Width: 58"-59" (1473-1499mm) 10"-14" tyres

These are the figures I have based my scratch built chassis on, if I am incorrect please post a reply!!

Obviously, the outside dimension from tyre to tyre will be dependant upon tyre width & off-set etc.
Understood Paul, but my offset is screwed up and I am trying to find out what the GTD chassis spec is, you see I have nothing to refer to, other than Malcolms car, and his front end is buggered up right now as he keeps breaking things , (and blaming it on the yanks I must add)
Yes, I know , I know, do what feels and looks right, but how hard could it be for someone to throw a tape across the tires of an unmolested GTD.......

I don't wish to come across as ungrateful for you taking the time to repsond, but I already have purchased one set of incorrect wheels and would not mind purchasing the proper ones on the next go-round.

Are your numbers from an original chassis or a GTD?

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BRIAN, IS THERE SUCH A THING AS AN "UNMOLESTED" GTD ? they are all different and subject to the builders whims. No good me giving you the dimensions I use, they are way different to the accepted norm, and often critisized, but they work very well indeed on road and track, which is the aim, is it not. Frank
Don't sell yourself short Frank, I know of many of your satisfied customers.

Frank is correct in stating that most GTD's are 'molested' from original spec. However, I personally wouldn't rely on any dimensions given as being of original spec as the GTD chassis I had (direct from the factory) differed from several others in many areas. For example, the offside wheel ctr line deviated 1" from the nearside wheel ctr line i.e the nearside wheel was 1" toward the rear of the car & the rear lower wish bone was shorter by 1/2" on the offside requiring more spacers to this side.
Anywho, I hope you find what you are looking for.
Hi Brian -

I have a factory built - original spec GTD here at the moment - I'll measure tomorrow and post the measurements for what its worth.

It will certainly give an indication - but as others have said, there are many many variations in what people actually use in real terms...
Hi Brian -

With the car sitting on its 17" Image wheels and with the front clip up - I placed straight edges vertically up against the outside edges of the front tyre sidewalls, each crossing the centre of the wheel. The measurement taken was between these straight edges, straight across the car, level with the top of the chassis (basically the lowest I could get a steel rule straight across the car - side to side) and therefore gives the distance between the outside edge of the front tyres. The front rims are 10" and rears 12". The lower chassis rail was 4.5" off the ground. The tyres were inflated to normal pressure and were not 'ballooning' below the lower rim edge. Front camber does affect this measurement and car has approx 0.5deg negative each side. Tyres are approx 0.25" to 0.35" wider than the rim each side (protection bead).

Measurements were as follows:

Distance to outside edge at measured height was 68.5"

Distance to inside edge at measured height was 48.625"

I could not easily measure the rear, but measuring just in front of the wheel, say about 7 O'clock, below the chassis, the width to outside edges again was 71.5", although I am not too sure how helpful this reading would be as the reading would be affected by any 'tow-in' that was present and I was not able to check that. Visually I'd guess it was either parallel or less than about 0.25" tow in.... Again, not too helpful I suspect.
This is great Paul, many thanks for taking the time to measure and post the results. My comparitive measuerments indicate excessive front track as I had suspected.