drive plate

A question to all you engine boys.

The 4.6 modular cobra eng only came out in manuals to my knowledge.
It has an 8 bolt crank, does anyone know if the 5.4 auto drive plate fit these engines and if they have 8 bolts of same pcd.

Or a drive plate that is suitable.
If not I can modify a 6 bolt.


Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

Sean Hyland has them:

click image for online catalog listing

Stock Flexplates [6375-3]
6375-3 Cobra 8 bolt $69.95

use a 96 lincon coupe flex plate they went to the 2cam in 96 if it was the coupe it was a auto trans it was the same motor but the intake and cam are a little diffent
Just a little additional info: 93 to 93 Lincoln MK VIII's had all aluminum 4.6 32V engines. Steel crank, with six bolts as they all used automatic transmissions. Otherwise, same as Cobra. 93 to 96 used early Cobra type heads and intake. 97 to 98 MKVIII had the heads and intake that came out on 99 and later Cobra. Horsepower was similar, about 5 hp less to allow for quieter mufflers. A bizarre but neat setup would be MKVIII engine and trans with trans facing forward, using a Casale boat vdrive & short driveshaft back to a Corvette diff and rear suspension. Saw a post on Lambo Lounge where a guy actually did that with a Corvette engine. That'll end all the ZF, Porsche, Audi 016 debates!