Eastwood's New Website

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Eastwood\'s New Website

I don't know how many of you ever go on Eastwood's website, but I have been frustrated more than once when I wanted to look at something quickly and spent most of my time watching the hour glass or paging slowly through 20 pages of six items per to get to what I was looking for.

Well, that seems to be a thing of the past now. Peter Kosciewicz, Director of E-Commerce for Eastwood, says that they spent about 5 months revamping the entire site. It really shows! The windows are very snappy and its a lot easier to find what you need now. They have added quite a number of new product lines in the last 6 months as well. One of those is Zoop Seal. Any one who has been on the forum for a while may remember the heck of a time I had clear coating some polished aluminum. I haven't tried it yet, but I have it on pretty good authority that Zoop just may be the ticket for me. Eastwood has clear powder coats, but they will eventually yellow on you. They also have added a more complete line of welders and supplies. Superchips, MuscleGloss and RaceDeck flooring system, P21S car care products and Plasticote 900° Brake Caliper and Drum paint are just some of the new lines they have added.

Disclaimer - I am in no way affiliated with or compensated by Eastwood.


Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company
Re: Eastwood\'s New Website


I have been a fan of Eastwoods since I built my first car in the late 70's. I have got lots of their "stuff" and have never been disapointed with either their quality or service. There are agents in the UK and in Australia and even got a set of "stretchers / shrinkers" at the Carslile Show last year. I am also not endorsed by this company but I just can not talk highly enough about their tools etc.

Thank you Lynn for pointing out such a GREAT company to all our members / readers.

Best wishes,

Re: Eastwood\'s New Website

Jim has a sorry as relates to those stretchers/shrinkers. I agree they are wonderful and the new site is easy to use - and had a 10% discount.
Re: Eastwood\'s New Website


Peter K. here from Eastwood. Thanks so much for the kind words. We got a lot of customer feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the old site, and it all factored into our design for the new site. Hopefully we created something that will be of value to our customers.

I'd like to encouage everyone who has a free moment to take a look at the new site and let me know directly if we can make any additional improvements. Lynn has been great about sending me suggestions (both positive and negative). The more feedback I get, the better we'll be.

Thanks again,

Peter Kosciewicz
Eastwood Company
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