exact dimensions 351/427 crate engine

i would like to use a 351/427 crate engine in my MK IV project. In combination with an Audi R8 gearbox (Graziano).
In order to design the tube frame in CAD I am looking for the exact dimensions of the engine.

Does anyone of you have the exact dimensions or even better an exact CAD model?

I have found many CAD files of engines on the net, but since I do not know the exact dimensions, I can not judge whether they are accurate.
I am mainly interested in the length, width and height, as well as the position of the engine mounts and the dimensions of the flywheel to be able to position the gearbox.

Can someone help me?
i was only able to find dimensions for the block. length will vary a fair bit with all the different front water pump set ups available.
height and width will also vary with heads/valve covers and intake manifolds.