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  • Originally it was our intention to import the GTD kit. Once we got one to build and evalulate, we decided its quality was not up to our standards. We then were able to use the body to define many parts of our chassis, plus use pictures of the original chassis for reference. The suspension was all designed from scratch, using what I regarded as optimum geometry that worked for both the street and track.
    (QUOTE by Bob Putnam) I designed the original ERA monocoque on graph paper and a lot of 3d calculations. (It took about 3 months of work.) But I wouldn't do it that way again.

    You can buy an "adequate" 3D CAD program like DesignCad for under $100, or a fancier one like Alibre for under $1000. The hard part is the learning curve for any CAD system.

    Stress analysis is a whole 'nuther thing, requiring an experienced professional.

    The trick with chassis design is to start with any standard components that will define your suspension mounting locations and build out from there.(QUOTE)

    Dude that was you, sweet. How did you get the dimensions to start.
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