Exoto high-end 1:18 GT40's (MKIV)

Hi everyone, I have a few diecast cars I am looking to sell. If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]
All are 1:18 scale.

The new condition #2 and #3 cars I would like $200 each plus shipping.

The "wrecked" #3 (Mario Andretti '67 Lemans crash) I have on ebay currently.
Exoto 1:18 Ford GT40 MKIV Accident Andretti Finish Line - eBay (item 270663714848 end time Nov-20-10 20:58:30 PST)
Buy-it-now is set at $600. If it doesn't sell I may consider a lower price, or just hold onto it for a few years.
And yes, I do only have one post here. I am in love with old LeMans stuff, but mainly the 917's. I stumbled upon these and would like to get them to true diehard GT40 fans. I try to price them below what you can find them for else ware for you guys, if none of you want them I will likely put them up on ebay for 225-250 (for the non-weathered ones)

If you want all three, I would be willing to make a deal.
Since there is little/no interest I have posted them on ebay. Starting bid is 175 for each of the two "whole" cars.