2016 Superlite SLC 100% sorted and ready to go **SOLD**

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Well this may end up being the shortest ownership of all time but I know what I like and know what I don’t so my loss is your gain!

I purchased a 2016 SLC from John Burer, a great guy very nice and very knowledgeable on the platform. My anticipation was to receive the car, throw some heavier springs on the car and use it for a mix of street and track driving. I received the car and everything about it is wonderful, it drives as expected, like a race car. I like extreme cars coming from a 1300whp GTR, however this car may be too extreme for me as the attention is unlike anything I have ever seen. With a 2 year old running around the house, a new home being constructed, and a home I need to sell I just did some soul searching and I think adding such an extreme car into my life may have been a lot to chew, the car is beautiful and I had to have it.

I have put 20 miles on the car, and will put some more on the car in the coming days/weeks/months of ownership… If I own it into November it may even see a track day. Until then the car is for sale and I am taking offers. I will say the registration and insurance process couldn’t have been easier, took me 30 minutes to take care of everything.

Below is the original for sale that I have updated for current mileage. As you can see the car is amazingly well documented and spec’d to the highest of standards.

Available for sale is my 2016 Superlite Coupe. This car was completed by Allan Uzwiak earlier this year (his 17th build), finished to a very high standard and has only seen about 620 miles of use. It has all the right options, runs great and is fully sorted - gas and go!

Video overview of the car -
SL C 17 walk around - YouTube

I had this car built with the intention of driving it on the street and at occasional driver's events at COTA. I was thoughtful about all aspects of the car from performance, aesthetics to comfort. I chose the 525hp LS376 mated to a cryo-treated V10 version of the Graziano L140 gearbox, outfitting the interior of the car with the carbon fiber tub and Tillet B5 carbon fiber seats to well-insulating the footbox/water pipes and choosing to install a high efficency air conditioning system. In that order - the car is very fast, it looks great and the cabin is comfortable even on a 95 degree day (AC vent temps are low 40's).

Some special touches were done to the car - several of which were a first for an SLC build. I sourced a gated shifter from the Audi R8 that shifts, looks and sounds better than the OEM shifter and asked Allan to build a custom center console to house it. He made two sets of wing uprights to allow a lower height for the street for aesthetics and a higher height for better functionality at track events. The hood scoop on the roof and the scoop on the tail are both functional - the roof is fully ducted to the engine compartment and the tail has the engine air filter located just underneath.

The build on the car is fully documented with photos and all receipts -
Superlite Coupe - Google Photos

Driving compilation -
Number 17 Up for Sale - YouTube

Dyno -
SLC Dyno - YouTube

Acceleration -
SLC Acceleration - YouTube

Factory Options:
- Carbon fiber interior tub, fender louvers and rear ASPIRE louvers
- Lift kit
- Air conditioning / heat
- E-brake calipers and mounts
- 2 piece windows
- Forgestar CF5V wheels powder coated black
- Spare set of wing uprights
- Dropped floor pans

Build Options:
- LS376 engine - optimized for intake/exhaust on the dyno. Conservatively tuned to 480rwhp (est 550hp)
- Graziano L140 transaxle - V10 gearing and cryo treated
- Spec SL54PT clutch with ST disc upgrade for smoother engagement
- Audi R8 gated shifter
- AIM MSX Strada dash with GPS speed sensor and channel expansion/data hub
- Improved racing oil and transmission coolers with thermostats
- Improved racing baffled oil pan kit (EGM-464) with scraper
- Accusump 2QT system
- Fuel system with lift/surge tank
- Cooling system with expansion and overflow tanks
- Axle heat shields
- Spal 30103202 12" fans
- Tillet B5 carbon fiber seats
- Bridgestone RE11 tires
- Custom exhaust with OBDI cats, LS7 headers and Hushpower mufflers
- Painted Fire Red Pearl with all underside panels flat black
- Front brakes, hood scoop and tail scoop all ducted
- EStopp emergency brake
- QA1 adjustable shocks with 600 front / 850 rear springs
- APR carbon fiber mirrors
- Custom interior with carpet and soft touch paint on dash
- Custom rear tail lights
- Back up camera
- 6 point ORECA racing harnesses
- Front splitter with tunnels for increased downforce
- Infinity Box
- Dakota Digital sensor for idle (works perfectly)
- Optima yellow top battery
- LED strip lights
- Battery disconnect switch
- Additional heat shielding for footbox and water pipes insulated
- Powder coated engine brace, rear wing components, etc
- Ceramic coated exhaust

The car comes with a box of spares and all manuals as well.

I am asking 110k just looking to get out of it what I have into it. Car is in my garage in Alpharetta (north of Atlanta), Georgia.

Shoot me an email with questions: [email protected]


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