Finally GT40

I am selling my 1970 Mach 1 mustang in order to start a GT40 build. Something I have wanted to do for a while. I am based in the UK.

I have searched the internet and forums and read the posts but would be grateful for an up to date view from owners and builders.

I have spoken to some owners at various shows in the past and many recomend the Southern GT kit.

Does anyone have experience with GT racing? Their chassis looks good.
Also more photos on ebay.|parentrq:0d4488bb1720aa18f15d6419ffad7e64|iid:1

Apart from these 2, I know of RCR replicas but I think this may be a more expensive option and they only have an aluminium monocoque chassis.

Another company in the UK is GTforte which seems to be a very good price but many people on the forums seem to have had some issues but the posts seem to be quite old.

It would be very helpful for some up to date info

Many thanks


Hi Paul, I can only comment from experience but I would recommend SGT 100%, its a great product and Mick & Carol are a pleasure to work with, I am sure there are some others out there with other makes who can provide input but as I say I did a lot of research before I chose and SGT for me were leagues ahead. Good luck its a blinding project to start!!
Thanks for the feedback Shaun. Appreciated. How have you found your build then? Has it been fun and is the car ready?

Doc Watson

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I would recommend either tornado or southern gt as the only two suppliers in the uk who have both got a very good product and reputation. GTracing was originally MDA based near a search here to find out about them?!?! and do the same for GTforte....

I was close to buying a MDA chassis years ago but was glad I didnt.

Just my opinion but again either tornado or SGT would be my advise. You can also ask the gt40 Yoda (Frank Catt) who might be of help. He has helped me on my gt40 journey many times......

You could spend upwards of £250K for a gelsco replica or look at the reproduction chassis made by gt40 gold parts but they are not cheap.

Also before you buy decide what engine/ gearbox you want and also what the car will be used for (daily driver/track etc) as this will help suppliers sort out the correct frame for you.

I agree with the advice above.
The other option is a Superformance GT40 from they're the UK agents for the Safir / Superformance GT40 which is a continuation car with about 70% parts interchangeability with the real thing. Approx £160,000 ? Changes from the original include a more convenient central handbrake position, standard a/c, etc. Designed to be road registered but could be modified for historic racing.

Gelscoe specialise in restorations of original cars & new builds that are hard to tell from an original Ford GT40. Hence they are common in historic racing where the specification must be the same as an original 1960's GT40. I'm not aware of any Gelscoe cars being used on the road, unless anyone knows different.

Regards Steve
Hi Paul,
Like Shaun I would whole heartedly recommend SGT. I did a lot of homework and looked at Tornado, SGT and GTRacing, and I am completely happy with my choice. I bought mine in June 2017 and collected it in December 2017, it was on the road by September 2019. Where in the U.K. are you based.
Regards Tony
Hi Tony
Thanks for your input.
Wow you built it fast. : )
I am in Hertfordshire, Welwyn Garden City. What about you?
Regards Paul
Hi Paul,
Yes just 18 months from picking up the chassis to passing IVA. Then a couple of months doing the paint. I'm near Chorley in Lancashire. If your ever up this way... once this virus has gone of course, then look me up.
Regards Tony



Thanks for the feedback Shaun. Appreciated. How have you found your build then? Has it been fun and is the car ready?
Its been a hoot all the way, not yet done it always takes longer than you think but for me and I think a lot on here, the build is as much a part of the GT40 as the driving, as I say the next one will be a doddle :) Plenty of support and advice on the forum and with SGT Mick is always there to help, top chap and a proper old school engineer. His workshop reminds me of my youth the smell of oil, welding, lathe work, happy days!!


As I bought the first parts of my GT40, I called SGT and Tornado, and Mick and SGT became my choice. Also in small inquiries, Mick has always been very supportive., which supplied some parts to me, was also ok, but response and lead time not as good as SGT. There is no reason to complain, but if you want cast uprights, mention this in details.
Good advice from the above, I would recommend both SGT and Tornado. Both excellent reputations and customer focussed....that’s VERY important when you’re a year into the build and you need advice/parts, the last thing you want is not being able to contact your supplier. Search the forums, that will tell you all you need to know!
Good luck
Hi Paul,
Good to see you are getting some feedback. To state the obvious I would strongly recommend that you visit Mick at Southern GT and Andy at Tornado. You are going to be spending a lot of money and therefore you need to feel comfortable with the person you are dealing with. As individuals we all react to different people in different ways (this is no reflection on Mick or Andy) so the personal chemistry is important. Both know their stuff and have been around for a good period of time. Although I own an MDA based car, I have had reason to contact both of them to get input/advice and they have both been friendly and helpful although I'm not a customer. Most importantly, they both have huge experience in getting cars through the IVA test. The IVA test needs to be paramount in your planning and construction. There are now so many things that you want to get right at the build and working with a supplier who has gained in depth knowledge (sometimes by resolving a failure) is vital.
I wish you well in your decision making process and the fun to come.
Very best regards
Steve Dean - MDA MK1 with Ford 302 running 4-barrel Holley.