for gt on autotrader .com

Buyer beware. Ad on for ford GT low mileage. for $80k. Too good to be true. When i asked where the car was. He replied its in a shipping container because he couldn't import it to England. Once someone wires $80k to him he would take care of the shipping charges and oh by the way he's in the UK.

He got all huffy when i said sounds like, Smells like and is a scam
He threated to sue me for slander. Claiming he never asked me for anything. Well he did ask me to wire him $80k.

Well if you want to have some fun send this guy an e-mail
go to and lookup 2006 ford gt.

The ad is no longer on autotrader. I sent an email to Autotrader either they yanked it or he got cold feet after i told he was scamming the public and i was going to report him

[email protected]

this is the guys e-mail \

Thanks to Pete who ran a car fax for me, the car has been in an accident. Yes its a real serial number. It was purchased used in June on the west coast. on 6/08/2008, Curiouse how it got to be in a shipping container on the east coast.

stay away far far away