Ford Motorsport Crate Engines

Thats a great price Jay.

Can anyone recomend a trustworthy supplier of these engines on the West Coast (LA) who might be prepared to match this price?
do you publish power curves of your "spec" motors at various levels?

I don't publish power curves on our engines. We do design them to be very smooth and linier throughout the power and torque curves.
Some have reported probems/failures with crate engines. When asked one reputable shop their opinion, the owner said that he was tearing down and inspecting al crate motors before final install because of this. Even if an engine has a "guarentee"you still have to remove and make arangements for shipment. Buyer beware. cb


You might want to try Holcomb; they are in Lumberton, NC (near NC/SC border on I95):
Holcomb Webpage

Another is Tommie Vaughn in Texas. I bought my motor from these guys

If you buy from Ford through one of these FMS dealers, the engine will be drop shipped to you at no charge. BUT, you have to give a commercial site with the ability to unload it. If you buy from a dealer's inventory, they will ship them to your door-- at an additional cost of course. If you go to the Ford Racing site, there is a list of Motorsports dealers.

I had to take my engine back to the heads and did find some bolts that were not torqued properly on the intake. All of the head bolts themselves were OK though; as was the bottom end which I checked when I put the high volume oil pump and GT40 oil pan on. If you get in tight with one of these dealers so that they will call you when the sale bulletins come out, you can get a really good deal occasionally (Holcomb did this for me.) For instance, my motor was from an over run of Falcon (Aussie car) engines and cost $1700 complete. It had a Cobra 5.0L block, standard Mustang GT heads, short T-bird (serpantine) water pump and a flex plate. It even had a throttle body, distributor, spark plugs/wires and an oil filter. It had also been hot tested. You can never be sure what configuration they will be selling on these specials, but the price is usually so low it won't matter.

Good Luck,
I tbink everybody would love to see the results of putting your crate engine on a dyno (if you plan to do that in setting the car up properly) to see the true output at the flywheel. What method of aspiration are you going to use - EFI?

I am sceptical that you will get the claimed 550 BHP but would love to be proved wrong.
Coast claims 515 hp with an Edelbrock EFI unit on it. I'm canning the Edelbrock for the 8 stack Hilborn EFI unit. Yes I know I will lose some bottom end at the lower revs but with 500 Ft/lbs of torque I figure I can lose a little at the bottom end of the tach. I am aslo going to use an Electromotive ECU to govern the engine.