FREE Granada Brakes (GTD)

My old GTD Granada Brakes (Calipers, rotors, pads and small plates/hard lines) are avilable FREE. This is for front and rear. Shipping cost is on YOU!

The parts are in California, I am NOT :):) These were on my GTD for many years, before I upgraded to "BlingWOOD" calipers and rotors.
So, you can finally stop the Blingmobile, that's good to know, now I wont have to make sure to get out of the way when I see you coming. :=)
Kogan The Barbarian, How the heck are ya?! I need to come down to your area. I KNOW you won't come up this way,,,,,,
Hi Wally,

A forum member has already asked for them and will be picking them up this weekend.


Howard Jones

Good luck giving them away Fred. I had to give mine to a very nice guy in the middle east. I think it cost him more than they are worth, at least in most of the west, to ship them to him.

Just put them in the corner of the garage and wait for someone to post a thread that needs them.

I posted a offer to give my set away at least three times. Nice of you to offer however.

Howard Jones

Now, you see thats what happens when you don't read the complete thread. I saw Chris at sears point, sacc35, last weekend. He had his car there with a for sale sign on it. Looks good. Every time I walked by there were several people looking at it. I wonder how he did with it.

Oh and what happed to dropping by "next week". Miss ya buddy!