Bill Kearley

And we won't talk about diesel. The government and oil companies are just cutting back on production thus creating demand and driving up the prices. The governments don't mind because they are collecting more than double the normal taxes.

Dave Hood

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Rock Hill SC is $4.75 for 93 octane. Thanks to our state government for some of the lowest gas taxes in the U.S. Even at those prices, it's probably less than petrol has cost in the UK, EU and Australia/New Zealand for the last several decades. So as much as we Americans complain about gas prices, we need to put it into a global context. Something that Fox News doesn't tell you or they don't even bother to understand.
Ottawa gas prices this weekend are around $1.96 CDN/litre for 87. Converting to US equivalent - $5.79 USD for US gallon
It was alleged on the news this morning that the highest price seen by the reporter for diesel recently was 1.99 per litre at a service station on the M6. Meanwhile BP's underlying profit more than doubled in the first three months of 2022, up to £4.9 billion.