Good deal?

Lot 156

1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV Continuation by Kar Kraft

To be auctioned on Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sold for $660,000

  • Chassis no. J-16

Sold at RM Auctions.

Probably market correct (IMO) given pricing of Gelscoe cars and others who produce mirror images of these great machines and other makes.
I think thats a very strong price but fair. Its similar to the Gelscoe cars in categorizing its position in the tree. I wonder what Safirs would bring in auction?
How does it compare to a Holman and Moody continuation MKII at $750000. Is the market stronger in the USA for a MKIV? Because it was the first American car to win Le Mans with an all American crew? I take it that the MKIV price must add commission on top of the total?
Regards Allan
The Holman Moody car went to extreme lengths in the build like getting the Boeing wiper motors from the air craft bone yard in Arizona and rebuilding them, had the same guy grind the cams to the same spec's on the same machine as they did originally, had the same technician come out of retirement to fab up the headers/exhaust system and more. The Mk IV went to the lengths to do the honey comb composite tub structures. Plus all the tanks and plumbing fabrication. For the money I think I would go for the Mk IV just because of it's beautiful ugliness.