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  • Hi Jim I have been looking for door latches for my car , I was told that they used from older Rovers and other old English cars . What do you have in yours? do you have a picture of the latch before and after install?.

    It seems that it will sort out with the electrical , I got one expert to help me + I got some other drawings.
    Regards Rune
    Hi Jim I´m just to start to install the electrical wires, I bought from Andrew Booth , but with a very poor drawing recopied several times it seems to be hard . Do you have a usable drawing for the wires I could use?
    Regards Rune
    I just read your message about your Sister. It really is the most devastating disease ever and we have a similar problem in our family with my Father. He is in the Advanced stage AD and has progressively deteriorated over a period of 18 years. He is now at the stage where it would be a mercy for him to die because the quality of life for him is almost nil. I think the quality for my sister has deteriorated in the last five years as well becuase she has taken on the mantle of family head carer and visits him in the hospital almost daily.
    I know what you as a family will be going through and you have my sympathy.
    best regards
    Dave Morton
    Hello, My name is Theon I am a GT40 enthusiast and I am in Rockville MD. I could swear I remember a GT40 in the Rockville area and wonder if you know who might be the one who has one. Thank you in advance,

    Jim , I have a brand new box of those rivets , if your interested you can reach me on my cell @ 330-692-8212

    Ted Baird
    How was your weekend working ?
    Got both your pumps working, just have to flow test them now.
    Last of the two pumps was a bitch, your only good looking one.
    Had 3 faults with it, broken piston return spring ( never seen that before ),
    worn piston ( good one fitted ) and a doggy switch. I swapped the switch for one i've overhauled. When i replaced the lid of the switch it does not look too pretty but its functional and works fine and is covered by the switch cap.I will include the switch cap gaskets which i didnt use. You really need some sort of bench press to fit them, as they are quite thick in section and i have no means of forcing the lid down while punching the retaining lips into position.
    Speak tomorrow.
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