Graziano air gap

I'm getting ready to mate the transaxle & motor, but wanted to check here first if anyone knows the proper air gap between the throwout bearing and pressure plate fingers?
Thanks Fran, will double check measurements tomorrow. I was at .560" with the bearing empty/compressed. Thought a few more shims might be needed.
SOLVED: Needed to lean on the bearing a little to get it into it's collapsed state, it inherently wants to expand. Afterwards gap measurement was inline with expected.
By lean I just mean you have to manually push on the bearing face to get it to collapse. I made the false assumption that the bearing wasn't under pressure and in a inherently collapsed state, so my initial measurements were off. But like Fran said there really is no gap as the bearing wants to expand.

The measuring step was just to make sure release bearing wasn't going to travel too far and into the pilot bearing, but far enough release the clutch.