Graziano Guys: billet gear sets

Looking to get some custom billet gears built for my Graziano (Gallardo/R8 6spd) gearbox by HCF parts. I am currently running their drop gears but want to beef up the rest of the hardware and adjust the 6th gear ratio to better suit highway cruising.

Feel free to google my name and or HCF parts. We’ve both been around awhile

Need to get a group buy going to get this done as they are done in batches. We would be using standard V10 1-5th gear, with a .6 6th gear to bring the revs down when cruising on the highway. You could obviously couple this with a wide range of drop gears to get the right gearing for your car.

The kit will include 1-6th gears and shafts, along with a ring and pinion. These setups have held with 2000hp+ with the big boy builds from Dallas Performance, UGR etc.

For reference this is going in my (now) 2000hp Porsche Cayman:

Gear Ratios:
+ 3.077 R&P

If you are interested please PM me. Cost will be about $20k, and roughly 3 months to make them from the time we get 3-4 people confirmed. I am obviously in, so ill start the list:

Jordon Musser