GT40 kit car questions and consideations

Hello all, new member here so I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tim Hoffer and I inherited my love of Ford's from my father, John, who was alive and filled the Ford total performance era of the sixties quite closely. I have had the dream of building a GT40 replica for as long as I can remember. In the next 5 years I would like to bring this dream to fruition. I have been looking closely at the kits produced by Chris Ardern of Active Power Cars and have been considering purchasing one of his kits. I'm just a regular guy, with the skills it takes to build and fab just about anything I can dream up, on a working man's salary. If I could make my dream a reality, it seems that the Ardern kits are the best "bang for the buck" kits currently produced. If anybody has any advice on other kits I should consider, or those of you who have any experience with the Ardern cars would like to chime in please feel free to bend my ear as I appreciate and am open to all advice on the topic. Thanks everybody.
There are several forum members who built Active Power GT40s. I finished mine recently and would highly recommend it. Great car and most importantly Chris’ support and help. He is very easy to work with and will build what you want.