GT40 Owners In The Greater Detroit Area?

Hi GT40 brothers & Sistahs, while I won't take delivery of my Bucket List SPF GT (P2522) until spring (hopefully) of 2025 I would like to see if there any owners in the greater Detroiit area, would like to meet and check your baby out. I hope I'm posting this on the proper forum, if I have been bad in this area please let me know and I will accept the spankin that's due! :eek:
I guess I'll be the first then. She will look very similar to below...


  • Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 2.15.04 AM.png
    Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 2.15.04 AM.png
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  • Screenshot 2024-03-10 at 1.56.23 PM.png
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Randy Folsom

I like the dark blue Gulf livery. I am considering that for my soon to arrive RCR40 kit. If all goes well I might get it on the road by this time next year.