I have also been lucky enough to spend a day with the owner of 1067 and we took his car out and stripped the original body work off and went thru the car and documented each and every part and started the inventory for a full restoration as time permits. This is a very original MK 1 that came with a MK2 tail and was raced by Salt Walther in the late 60s and early 70s. This is a very interesting car with its unique and original bodywork. Vitualy every original part is still there along with an updated Gurney Weslake race engine.


Gt40p-1067:bought from a recuperating race driver

It belonged to an LA former fireman, Dennis Murdoch, who bought it from Salt whilst Salt
was laid up as the result of a crash.
He drove it to a Shelby Club meeting at Galpin Ford where I was in attendance, and told us he bought it but since that was over 40 years ago I forgot how much he said he paid ($20,000?)
I always thought it was a packedup gearbox that laid up the car, but an engine--surely he could have found another 289-the woods are full of 'em!
I would ask Salt about that price but he died December 27, 2012.
I also read that the new owner paid $2 million but though that sounds high to me maybe the car has some specific sales points like being near the least one, significant race, or hey maybe I haven't followed the market. At least it was a car without two many owners.

PS not to be confused with another GT$0 owned by Salt reportedly found in the mud outside a boat shop, this car's discovery in a book by Jerry Heasley.