Hartwell latches and Mirror stems

Charlie Farley


As some of you will know, i am a 20 plus year dedicated 40 nut. I have website dedicated to exact reproductions of those oh so hard original equipment
items, that supplies of, have long been exhausted. These parts are not inhabiting some dusty shelf in some out of the way parts store. That's wishful thinking.
I along with several others, hoovered those up long ago. They were easy pickings back in the day.

Over the years , along with a select few on this website ( Jimmy well knows this ) i have exhausted 10's if not 100's of thousands of hours, ( seriously ) burning
the midnight oil, mainly pursuing phantom parts that never existed or were fabled to exist. Total dead ends. The international phone bills are and where exorbitant. The world time differences meant i led a life of crazy hours.

I have regularly produced exact reproductions of Hartwell latches and 608 mirrors with the correct stems. These have been used in my restoration side of the business and have adorned podium and class wins at Pebble Beach Concours. If you wish to pre book a set of Hartwell latches please indicate so. i intend to make
six sets initially, so it is a limited production run. The link to my website is thus :

The specific product details are this :

You will note the correct detailing has been maintained and copied faithfully,
unlike Superformance's dumbed down, simplified offering.

Please email at [email protected] if you have any questions.
The website quote/buying system is very temperamental and i am having
problems having it fixed.

Enjoy browsing the website. The website only shows some of the selection of parts i have.
I have the experimental XE 289 blocks, Full Gurney Weslake cylinder head packages, including all the ancillaries,
C6 FE heads, original Italian 46IDA carbs et etc, right down to the ' correct ' grommets/eyelets as used on the
original racing seats. Btw, the original seats were NOT upholstered in parachute material, it was something else.
Period. I've no doubt that para material was used to reupholster.