Has anyone experimented with audi TDI transaxles?

losing my mind looking through transaxle codes and international shipping costs but here's the options I'm looking at:

0B3 transaxle (code KXQ) - exclusively mated to the 3.0 tdi that came in the.. A5? factory rated for upwards of 230ftlbs
unknown (to me) gearset with trans code CEP - came behind 2.5 tdi in the audi 100, has a cast iron midsection (I read somewhere that the ones with cast iron cases are overbuilt?)
01x (GVD)- nothing new here

it's going to be mated to a mildly built chevy 454, probably only looking at 300 horse but easily 500ftlbs of torque.. I don't plan on racing the car at all, I just want a transaxle that wont disassemble itself when I put my foot down :)

it's not actually going in a gt40 but it seems you guys are the experts on everything mid engine; the car is being designed around the drivetrain so if you have other drivetrain ideas by all means shoot

figured I'd put what I found here in case anyone comes across this thread.. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong

apparently the transmission with the code CEP is the 5 speed version of the 01e which has a spacer in place of 6th gear (spacer can be removed and gear added)
code ZWN is the awd 01e (if fleabay listing is to be trusted)
and code DQS is a 6 speed 01e?

I'm about to pull the trigger on a CEP code tranny so if I'm completely wrong please let me know!

also as a side note, when searching for these trannys on fleabay make sure you're searching 'gearbox' instead of transmission/transaxle.. would have saved me a few hours of hunting -.-
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