Hello from NJ!

Hello everyone! I want to introduce myself and give a little background as well as what i hope to gain from here.

My name is Mike Schino, im a manufacturing engineer (CNC programmer and setup of 4 & 5 axis milling machines). I grew up with a passion for cars. My dad retired from GM and i remember changing brakes on cars at the age where most kids are learning how to ride a bike. Our driveway was always full of GM products so needless to say my father was a bit disappointed when i came home with my first car being a VW corrado. :laugh: Over the next couple years all of my money was sunk into that car making it into the "legend" that it still is in my area.

I eventually had sold that and bought my "performance truck". Yeah i know totally against everything on this site but ive got a passion for going fast and its nothing to sneeze at being an 11 second 1/4 mile 5050# full size GMC truck. I also own a husqvarna SM510R supermotard which fills the adrenalin gaps that the truck leaves in the turns.

With that said ive got the bug to have a full out high performance car with killer looks. This is why you guys are going to eventually get me addicted enough to build one of these! Hearing a gt40 come past with that distinct 180 deg header sound or the pound from a big block in a cobra always gets my blood going and after first seeing the RCR SLC ive fell in love. Ahhhhh... So now ill just sit back and let everyones posts push me to the edge of buying.

Thank you all
Hello Schino,
First welcome to the site, you will find a wealth of knowledge on this site,and a lot of varied opinions as well. Your story sounds a lot like mine and when I finally got my car out on the road it was a magical moment and yes there is nothing that sounds quite like a GT40. Good luck in your quest and if there is anything I can help you with just give a shout out. To bad you live so far away or I'd say come over and will go for a drive in mine that would for sure get you hooked. Good Luck!!


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Welcome Mike
Enjoy the forum, lots of info here and many members that can answer most of your questions.
I am in Central, west Jersey.
Thank you guys for the warm welcome! Thanks for the offer bob. I wouldn't mind coming out your way, I spent a week around lake geniva(spelling) and it was beautiful.

Phil, I'm from ewing so prob not far from you. Were you out this weekend I seen a lot of cobras and a couple gt40s in lambertville new hope area
Unfortunately I am not on the road yet...getting close. My shop is in Lebanon, maybe 40 min from you.
Hi Mike, welcome to the forum. The SC-C bunch will happily answer any questions that you may have.
I Mike welcome to this merry band of caraholics. I'm reasonamly neew myself. But there is a huge wealth of knowledge & experience to be found here. Read through & look at the pix of the build threads. You'll be inspired & amazed at the cars & what can & has been done. I know I was/am.
Mike S
look at that, another Mike S. one of us has to leave now. jk. there is tons of info on here and ive only just begun.

phil, your shop is right down 22 from where i work
HELLO MIKE, welcome to this crazy desire to drive a gt40 and or even cobra's. my wife has been putting up with me for 34 years doing this! bless her! i have a gt40 by era and i'am thinking about moving on to a Daytona coupe..............if you have any interest let me know..all the best. Domenic