hi all

Brian Kissel

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Congrats Kevin and welcome to GT40S. Very nice looking 40 you have there.
Enjoy the forum !!!

Regards Brian

Larry L.

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For the benefit of this ignorant Yankee on the other side of the pond, what occupies the rectangle on the far-left side of the bar under the exhaust?
'Can't quite make it out...or figure it out on my own! ;-)

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Hard to see for me but I thought it was a sticker as no screws like the other two for a lens. Actually the middle looks like a faded Ford emblem.


I noticed the GTD has the proper vent spacing sizing which makes me sad as the pieces I got with my chassis are regular 2" louvers... :confused:

Larry L.

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...the middle looks like a faded Ford emblem.
I can't 'blow it up' any at all w/o blurring it even more.
On my screen it looks like an oval-shapped piece of opaque white plastic...so its SHAPE certainly would be consistant with your theory.
I didn't notice its lack of screws until you pointed it out!
To the left of the exhaust is a reversing light to the right is a fog light and in the centre is a grey ford logo on the alloy background thanks for the likes.