Hi-Tech Welding GT40 **SOLD**

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Hi guys.

Due to a seriously cramped schedule and even more cramped garage I decided to put my GT40 up for sale. I was really hoping I will have more time to work on it but my business picked up lately and I just got my 3rd baby and I'm screwed regarding my free time. I don't really wanna sell it but I will consider all offers.

The chassis is made out of square steel tube. The body is complete with the front and rear clip, doors, two spiders, front hood and a dashboard. The engine is a 302, I got aluminium heads, Edelbrock intake, Compcams camshaft and lifters and some other bits and pieces, 01E tranny, clutch kit good for up to 500 hp, adaptor plate, suspension, CV joints, axles, uprights, radius rods, steering wheel, steering rack, lights, fuel caps and lots of other bits I can't think of now.

If anyone's interested I also have a CSU blow-thru carb, TA45 turbo, blowoff valve, wastegate and a Skyline GTR intercooler. Should get those ponys hopping.

If it doesn't sell (and I'm secretly hoping it won't) it will have to be put on hold for a year or two until everything settles down a bit.

More photos and details on request.



Re: Hi-Tech Welding GT40

Well I would be happy with somewhere around 14000 euros or just as much pounds (sorry brexit). If some has a different price in mind do tell, Im not easily offended :)
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