How tall is a 1UZfe compared to a small block ford

How tall and how wide is a 1UZfe compared to a small block ford
precisely in inches or cm.

anyone have any autocad drawings of a 1uzfe or any parts?

trying to figure out if it will fit in the engine bay

Doug, thanks thats perfect.

Lexus engine length 25.79"
Ford small block length 26.30"

I wonder why I read the Lexus 1uzfe is 30% larger than the sbf
the 1UZfe is exactly 26" wide

small block ford 18 3/4"
small block windsor is 21" at the heads

if im not mistaken
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Shouldn't be too much of an issue given where that width is as its above the sill level.

I think the more worrying thing from a fitment POV is the stuff above the waterline so to speak, the inlets and throttle etc. I'm not sure how much extra they add.