Insurance help


Hi UK members...
Trying to find a good multi car insurance company for my new GT addition and other classic's....really struggling to find anything sensible from Adrian Flux or Footman James.....
No convictions or points (luckily) so should be straight forward but two fault claims in 5 for a bumper I had resprayed when hit whilst I wasn't even in the car is killing me re the quote....!!!
Any help really appreciated....

Ian Anderson

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They know GT40s and give enthusiast club members a discount - make sure you have a limited mileage policy of say 3000 miles - and if you do more they will allow that for a few £ extra


Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
The other good company to try / use is Footman James

Depending on annual mileage, and value of the vehicle I would say £340 -£400 fully comprehensive
Unless you are really young!
But Footman James did my car and covered self, wife and daughter (21) 3000 miles £40k at £775 for the year double that without my daughter included. (All of us with no claim history)

Absolutely suggest you try Classic Line. I moved all my vehicles (classic cars and domestic vehicles) from Footman James over to Classic Line.
Easy people to deal with and always helpful.
I would try AIB
I have used them for a few years to cover my cars, I originally went to them due to the competitive price, however, I have retained their services due to the quality of cover provided