Its official MK I GT40P 2426

Ok the hardest part of this process is the car is finished. The motor is being machined and assembled, so now it's all up to the shipping. So this is a note to the car gods, please look after my car in this fucked up time of logistics.
I too am a fan of that colour scheme. Mine should be on the boat to the UK in a couple of weeks. They just need to fix the driver door as I spec'd without the "Gurney Bubble" and they put one on. The engine is already here. A 427ci with Borla 8 stack from Prestige Motorsport. Dyno run showed 509bhp and 525lbft, which should be just about perfect. Can't wait to add her to the collection.


Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Merrick.
Please start a build thread on your car. We want to keep Robs thread about his car. I Am very excited to read about yours as it progresses as well. Congratulations!!!

Regards Brian