June 4 - Simeone Museum - Birth of the Ford GT - Philadelphia

June 4 @ 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Birth of the Ford GT
Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum 6825 Norwitch Drive, Philadelphia, PA
The birth and evolution of the Ford GT – the iconic car that won Le Mans four times in the 1960s – will be explored at an event at the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia on June 4th. The “Birth and Evolution of the Ford GT” will have on display, for the very first time at the same place, all the racing variations of the Ford GT: Mk I, Mk II, and Mk IV, as well as a Lola Mk 6, the car many believe was the inspiration for the Ford GT.

If there's anyone local, my wife and I will be in Philly for the week.


The Lola Mk6 GT may be the one belonging to Allen Grant. If so, it is worth studying closely- a really nice car.
Getting ready for the trip to Philadelphia.
The Simeone Museum is only two hours from Carlisle. But if you can't make it, they say that the talk will be broadcast via Facebook.
If you missed the live show, you can see the Youtube recording of the talk.

If you haven't been to the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia, I strongly recommend its collect of historic racing cars (including an original Daytona Cobra).
Ben, if that is you discussing who won Le Mans, Miles vs McLaren, the video drops off, can you expound?
Sorry, that wasn't me. I was sitting in the audience (you might see me briefly as I help lift the tail on the Mk I.

On stage, left to right, it's János Wimpffen (author), Mike Teske (author), Allen Grant (former Shelby driver and owner of the Lola), and Harry Hurst (host and author).

p.s. The talk was the largest event the museum has held (they even had to get extra chairs).
What was his conclusion on who won?
IIRC, he said the rule for Le Mans back then was that in case of a tie, the driver who had driven the furthest was the winner. McLaren started further back from the start line, so he traveled further.

He also mentioned another rule that I didn't fully hear, but I think he said that the rules back then said that the winner is the driver who is leading at 4pm (exactly 24 hours after the start) wherever they are on the track and I think he said that McLaren was leading at that point.. Now the rule is that the winner is the leader who crosses the finish line after 4pm (which is easier for the people in the stands to understand).