KVA for sale in South West UK *SOLD*

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Hi guys, I have reluctantly decided that my KVA is offered for sale. :thumbsdown:
It is a 1989 C type chassis in red, chrome suspension fitted along with front and rear anti roll bars, and is 80% built.

is KVA Mk1 in Gulf light blue and orange.

Roll Cage
, fitted with a bespoke fitted 6 point roll cage.

I have been re-cladding the cabin area so that will need finishing. I have turned the fuel tanks around so the filler was at the front, originally they opened up in the engine compartment. Not too good in my view! I have fabricated the sponsons for the fuel caps. Fuel filler caps and tubes needed to finish. The fuel guage senders and pick up tubes need to be fitted.

The engine will need new mounts fabricated to move it up and back a bit, Rover V8 was initially installed and this engine is a new marine 302. I cannot find the engine casting marks but there is a stamping of 12-12-89 this was done previously and I have no idea if this is correct or not. The chassis is weld dated the same.

is a Renault transaxle needs drive shafts and wheel adaptors.

is rod linkage.

Air Conditioning
. There is a Sanden SD5 AC pump and under dash evaporator unit with a condenser to be found, I am not an AC expert so do not know what else is needed. Some pipework fitted.

Brakes are standard Granada/Scorpio set up with servo.
Wheels are 17" Image, fitted with Falken tyres 215-45-ZR front and 245-40-ZR at the rear. All piping is plumbed in and the hand brake works well.

Shock Absorbers, Spax with springs, fitted.

, new GTD albeit a bit surface rusty, not fitted.

are Grey leather with eyelets, not fitted at the moment.

, side and rear, indicators, fitted, headlamps available.

, includes all windows and windscreen (spare 1 as fitted windscreen is cracked) needs bulkhead screen.

Wing Mirrors
, I have the original bullet type and I bought a pair of electric BMW Mini mirrors with the intention of wiring them in, these are included.

, fitted with all instrument with the exception of one, never got that.

Wiring Loom
, GTD partly wired and I have made a new rear loom for it, not much else to do I don't think.

, hung pedals fitted along with master cylinders and pipework.

There are a few spares and other odds and sods included.

I'm looking for £14,000 ono. Visitors are welcome and fully encouraged if serious about buying.

Hopefully I shall be able to put up some photo's.


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Re: KVA for sale in South West UK

More photo's, before I started taking it apart.


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Re: KVA for sale in South West UK

Drop me an email, I know someone down your way who's looking
simonjrwinter at hotmail dot com
Re: KVA for sale in South West UK

Sorry car is not available any longer as I purchased it about 1 year ago and it is currently undergoing surgery.

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