LCD Gauge System - Tell Me About Your Car!

Hello Everyone,

You may have already bumped into my intro thread regarding LCD gauges.
Instead of spamming multiple forums, I'll provide the link to the original thread:

I'd like to learn more about your builds and which major electronics and
electrical components that are typically used.

For example:
- HVAC unit
- Dash board Gauges
- Rear view/backup cameras
- TPMS, park assist
- Data loggers, tuners
- Engine preference

Anything you can list in addition would be appreciated. I'd like to help design
my system for this particular audience and offer solutions for typical problems.

Thank you!
New updates for the LCD system:

I've hired a Graphic Designer who is able to provide high resolution, 3D graphics.
My supplier has finally provided a BIOS update for the processor which means I'm able to move
forward once again with the enhanced design.

To the end user, this means fast wake times (1 second), low standby current, and competitive cost.

I've also left my job to pursue this on a full-time basis. I'm hiring a programmer to help with the
vehicle connectivity particulars (OBDII) and WIFI/Bluetooth options for Smart Phone apps.

This weekend I'll be going live for the first time outside of a forum to debut this system. If you're in
the Toronto area and want to see these gauges in action, I'll be at booth #163 at ImportFest!
July 28th, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre *(MTCC).

Here's a quick clip shown on the new 12.3 inch screen. The image below is a photo of the screen
which is sharper and clearer than my cell phone video.





A quick FYI:

I have a customer considering a Lamborghini Aventador theme for a project car. He plans to buy this unit and
have me develop a controller and integrated touchscreen.

I'll know by mid-month if the request is serious enough and whether any development happens. I thought some
of you might be interested if you've ever thought about something like this for your kit, or similar custom tricks!