1. S

    Anyone used Zircotec for Exhaust coating?

    Hi all, Im shortly taking delivery of a GTD40 and the exhaust is currently letting the engine bay down a bit. Its a bundle of snakes which at some point was chrome finished but there is not a lot left of the chrome now. At some point I might consider replacing the system with a full...
  2. C

    FS USA SAS Pure Air 2000 Respirator System

    I have a spare, new-in-box Pure-Air 2000 Opti-Fit breathing air system that was never used. SAS Pure Air 2000 With Opti-Fit Respirators The SAS Pure Air 2000 With Opti-Fit Respirator is a unique respiratory protection system that utilizes a single air line to provide clean, filtered Grade...
  3. Jkviper

    Mounting E-stopp braking system on an SLC

    Based on the various build threads I have read it looks like the preferred location to mount the E-stopp electronic braking system is along the outer drivers side frame rail. Wondering if after the car is built and the body is on, how would you service it? Do builders make the floor pans...
  4. Alan L

    Alan's RCR40

    In January I took delivery from RCR of my “Turn Key Minus” RCR40. I had every intention of posting sooner, but the build, work, and life got in the way. Car is a Mk1, right hand drive with 2” flares. Engine is a carbureted, aluminum block, Keith Craft 342 (302 based) that will be mated to a...
  5. J

    FS EU 351W exhaust system , new

    Full bundle of snakes exhaust system for a Ford 351 Windsor. Ceramic silver coated. 1 3/4 inch primaries with twin silencers. As fitted to SPF gt40's. Brand new never used or fitted. Collection in Worcestershire , England. £1350 collected or courier at your cost. Call Jason 07508 442273 (UK)
  6. Howard Jones

    UN1 Renault optional shifter

    I have a GTD (center shift USA car) with the original Lotus Esprit shifter and translator (piece on gearbox) First the nylon bits in the shifter are worn out and second I've never really liked how the Lotus system works. Has anyone ever found a alternative shifter(part in cockpit) that would...
  7. M

    HotRod Heater /Air System

    OK, I had run into a mysterious area last week that left me wondering. I had three wires hanging down from my heater / AC system (after it was installed) and I didn't know what they were for. One was Red, one was Blue and one was Yellow, with bullet type connectors on each and the Yellow one...
  8. T

    LCD Gauge System - Tell Me About Your Car!

    Hello Everyone, You may have already bumped into my intro thread regarding LCD gauges. Instead of spamming multiple forums, I'll provide the link to the original thread: I'd like to...
  9. T

    LCD Gauge System - Tell Me About Your Car!

    Hello Everyone, You may have already bumped into my intro thread regarding LCD gauges. Instead of spamming multiple forums, I'll provide the link to the original thread: I'd like to...
  10. Dreamcars

    RCR Superlite SLC - GT-R Fuel System for Sale

    I am selling this fuel system out of my Superlite SLC due to engine reconfiguration. Was installed but never ran. Everything there but the 100 Micron fuel filter. Bosch 044, Walbro and 40 Micron Filter. Mics. -6 AN fittings, hose,crush washers, pressure regulator and surge tank. It is rated for...
  11. Kim Haun

    I Squared 1+1 Power System

    I have a new/old stock ISquared 1+1 Power System that I have decided not to install in my build. It comes with a complete wiring package. Perhaps someone out there is running this system and needs a back up or to replace a defective unit? They are no longer manufactured. This system sold new...
  12. Howard Jones

    Electronic Fuel Injection aftermarket and retrofit

    Holley EFI 550-406 Terminator EFI 4bbl Throttle Body Fuel Injection System - Hard Core Gray I am seriously considering a Holley FI system for my SLC. No matter who I ask I can't find anyone who has done one of these with a radical cam, 300 degrees of duration and more than .550 lift, AND it...
  13. H

    Distributor that works with TWM/Borla 8-stack

    Hi guys, I am in need for advice to find a distributor that fits under the fuel rails of the TWM/Borla 8-stack system. I ordered a MSD 8479 with the belief that it would fit but it did not. I do not want do any more mistakes again so send the question to you guys as I know that some of you...
  14. C

    Infinity system from SLC

    I have an infinity wiring system from my slc I decided not to use. It’s complete apart from a key fob which I’ll be receiving once they’re back in stock, so I’ll send this to the buyer once available. Price is $1100 OBO, I’m located in La Mesa, CA.
  15. M

    New Member to the Forum!

    Hello there, My name is Michele Abbate and I'm a 3x winning road racing champion and I work at Supercar System here in Las Vegas, NV. I've joined the GT40s forums in efforts to share some exciting news from my employer regarding our custom, patented, transverse, transaxle, sequential gearbox...
  16. Dave Hood

    FAST 2.0 EFI Install

    A few weeks back I had Paul Whitlock (here in Charlotte) swap out my old Pantera fuel injection system with the FAST 2.0 self-learning unit. The install was a bit tricky since I'm running an Eight Stack EFI system that draws so much air. But Paul did an amazing job getting it right. Along...
  17. C

    FS: RCR40 4" Wide Body Gulf **SOLD**

    S o l d
  18. K

    SLC Cooling Questions

    A month ago I had a leak in a heater core tube. That prompted me to replace all the coolant lines from the radiator back. Problem is with refiling coolant and burping the system. 1) I am using the HD Airlift Evacuator System - recommended to my by Fran 2) I can hold 25lbs vacuum and the...
  19. C

    Question about ignition options....

    I have to replace the large (huge!) HEI distributor on my 347 with something smaller to clear the new injection manifold and TB's going onto the car. The HEI dizzy is just way too big to clear. So, what I'm looking for is either a small sized distributor ignition system, or a distributor-less...
  20. Cobra

    Fuel System Reconfiguration

    The original builder/owners of this car took an interesting, but less preferable approach for the twin tank fuel system. Each tank has a dedicated pump, filter, regulator and gauge feeding one bank of cylinders. This means both pumps need to operate full time. See attached system diagram...