LCD Gauges Product Info & Promo!

Tino D.

Sponsoring Vendor
Hello Everyone,

Thank you in advance for reading this message. As you see in subject line I'm designing and selling custom
LCD Gauge/Dash systems for all types of vehicles.

This all started out as a project for my own kit car a few years ago. I wanted to replace the mechanical
/analog gauges with something more sophisticated that matched the super-car feel of my kit.

Once I started posting images and videos of my progress, I began to receive requests to have systems built
for forum members. One thing led to another and I here I am (thanks to an SLC owner who suggested
this place)!

A bit about me: My formal education is Electronics Engineering (23+ years), as well as Automotive Mechanics (23+ years).
Procision-Auto is my automotive business that started as general repair, engine building/tuning, performance sales.
It now serves as my avenue to sell the LCD systems.

I'm a one-man show that is trying to raise a family, build a kit-car, work full-time, and evolve a business on the side.
For this reason, the lead-time for a system is about 3 weeks at the moment. If things progress, I may hire some helpers
to expedite the delivery. Maybe I'll even quit my day job! :shocked:

Below are some of the details; there are two types of systems available:

PRO-LCDi-100 which is a single screen setup (typical dash display)

PRO-LCDi-200 which is a dual screen setup (dash and console display)

With the second screen, you are able to control functions on the main LCD dashdisplay, as well as
view additional gauges in real-time, control lights, doors, and other common OEM functions (see options).

The remote screen has the capability to be used as an audio entertainment center toplay your favourite
music through the audio port.

Photo and Promo

New System Enhancements Include:
- 3 screen sizes (10.1, 9, 7 inch)
- Low operating power (28 Watts @ 14 volts DC)
- Low standby power (1.32 Watts @ 12 volts DC)
- OEM like function

Some Popular Options :
- Vintage Air touchscreen Controller
- 3rd Party software menu launch screen
- LED light controller
- Heads-up display
- AccuAir Air Suspension Controller (TBA)
- Power window controller
- Power lock /door popper controller

The Product Promo PDF can be downloaded from my website using this link (right-click, “save asâ€):


Introductory pricing is as follows:
CDN funds + taxes, and shipping (see estimated shipping costs below).
A deposit of $350 is required, and balance due upon shipment. Allow 3 weeks for delivery (custom add-ons will vary).
Payments can be made via PayPal, or Money Order/Check.

FedEx Shipping Estimates:
Ontario - $25 (3 business days)
Canada - Toronto to Victoria BC , $45 (5 business days)
USA - Toronto to California, $100 (5 business days)

This is an old video with some preliminary graphics. I do need to update this video once the car is out of storage this season.


Custom LCD Gauge Demo - YouTube

Thank you again for your interest, and if you have any questions/comments after reading the PDF,
feel free to post them here, or send me a message!