Product Release: LCD Gauges 100R Series!

The Latest Addition to the LCD Gauges Line-up: The 100R Series System!

This configuration features a Double-DIN head unit that provides the benefits of a secondary gauge display without
the need to replace your current dash setup.

The 100R [R = remote screen] is a stand-alone unit, and acts as a control center for features like Vintage Air HVAC,
Electronic Engine Start/Stop, Backup Camera, Media Player, Navigation and much more.

New features and Options:
  • A faster, more powerful processor in a Double DIN sized enclosure.
  • GPS/Navigation Software
  • Media Player
  • Backup Camera
  • Steering Wheel controller
  • Internal 35 Watt (x4) audio amplifier (also line-out for external amplifier)

Size and Weight:
  • ~5.5 LBS
  • 7.25 inches wide x 4.25 inches high x 12 inches depth (for cable clearance)
  • 11.0 Volts minimum boot voltage
  • 8.5 Volts minimum for engine crank stability (for ~ 2 seconds)


Feel free to post your questions here, or message me directly.

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Just a note to some asking about pricing:

* The 100 series prices did not change, I have simply made a Standard configuration with 8 x 5 screen.

* The processor upgrade only effects the 100R and 200 series systems; with that increase comes more features and benefits!

* If you price a competitor system with a single screen, you are paying over double in US dollars, with less functionality.

* You can get a base dual screen setup for about the same price as a single from other manufacturers.

* Gauge pricing includes the Sensor where applicable. If you have a sensor for a gauge, you will receive credit for your sensor.

* When pricing options, you can group certain features together and not pay full amount. The amount of relay port requirements
determines how many circuits, and driver relays needed to build the module. You can 'bundle' 4 ports or 8 ports per bank.


Window controller for a 2-door vehicle requires four relay ports (2 up, 2 down) which fills a 4 port module.

If you wanted a window controller, and door popper, that would be 6 ports with 2 left over. You can then add LED shift light, and Dome Light
control for instance to total 8 ports.

4 port vs. 8 port relay banks

* You can have up to 16 ports with most setups

The price list is added again with the Relay Port count in red. If you don't refresh your page, or clear your cache, you won't see this in the opening post.

Really cool stuff. One thing most can't use is a regular 2DIN screen in the center dash. We only have about 2.75" of depth there unfortunately.