LCD Gauges: Version 2 Hardware Release!

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to announce the improved design of the LCD gauge system – The LCDi-100 and LCDi-200 Version 2!


New System Enhancements Include:
- 4 screen sizes (12.3, 9, 8, 7 inch)
- "Sunlight Readable", 1000 NIT screen options
- 3D Graphics and animations
- Lower operating power
- Lower standby power
- 1 second wake time
- OEM like function

New Options (inquire about pricing):
- Vintage Air touchscreen Controller
- 3rd Party software menu launch screen
- LED light controller
- Heads-up display
- AccuAir Air Suspension Controller
- Power window controller
- Power lock /door popper controller

Pricing is as follows (double click in browser for full-screen image):

CDN funds + shipping (see estimated shipping costs below). If you have a compatible tablet,
you can order basic systems. Inquire about tablet compatibility before ordering your kit.

FedEx Shipping Estimates:
Ontario - $25 (3 business days)
Canada – Toronto to Victoria BC , $45 (5 business days)
USA – Toronto to California, $100 (5 business days)

Click Here for LCD-200 System Pricing:

if you have already cut your gauge pod inlay/bezel, you will need to fabricate or purchase another.

A deposit of $350 is required, and balance due upon shipment. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
Payments can be made via PayPal, or Cheque.

If you have any questions/comments after reading the PDF, feel free to post them here, or send me a message!


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New updates for the LCD system:

I've hired a Graphic Designer who is able to provide high resolution, 3D graphics.
My supplier has finally provided a BIOS update for the processor which means I'm able to move
forward once again with the enhanced design.

To the end user, this means fast wake times (1 second), low standby current, and competitive cost.

I've also left my job to pursue this on a full-time basis. I'm hiring a programmer to help with the
vehicle connectivity particulars (OBDII) and WIFI/Bluetooth options for Smart Phone apps.

This weekend I'll be going live for the first time outside of a forum to debut this system. If you're in
the Toronto area and want to see these gauges in action, I'll be at booth #163 at ImportFest!
July 28th, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre *(MTCC).

Here's a quick clip shown on the new 12.3 inch screen. The image below is a photo of the screen
which is sharper and clearer than my cell phone video.





Hi Rod,

Sorry that I haven't updated the video /backup camera option .

These past two months were spent building/moving houses.

I'll make a point of testing and reporting my progress this coming week.

Thank you for your patience and interest.
A big jump ahead is coming for the LCDi-200 series systems! I was able to find a company that builds Double-DIN computers with touchscreens.

This new hardware will replace the remote processor and LCD touchscreen. It has a much better CPU (i3 vs Celeron) and much more
processing power to handle additional applications.

These are the actual units being built as "we type"...

The new hardware will address many requests that I've been receiving for GPS software and a radio/media player. Installation and
mounting will be easier as the standard Double-DIN will fit more vehicles without the need for custom brackets to secure an LCD screen.
It goes without saying, the overall appearance and trim of the front will look immaculate!

These changes are going to push the quality and functionality over the top to exceed any LCD system currently on the market (that I'm aware of).

New pricing and options will be made available soon, but here's a quick list of new items:
- AccuAir eLevel Suspension/Airbag controller
- GPS software
- Radio/Media Player
- Vintage Air Climate Control
- Power Windows and Door Popper
- Electronic Touchscreen Engine Start/Stop
- Backup Camera

I'll be receiving the units within the next couple of weeks for testing and then a proper video and unveiling will be posted.

Thank you for your interest!
Hi Tino,

Did you do blind spot indicators in a previous dash? I seem to recall something you posted way back on the GTM forum. I'm looking for a Corvette Racing style rear view camera with blind spot indicators for a racing application.
Kent, you have an awesome memory! I started some testing on a unit a few years ago, but never finished because of moving houses,
and other commitments. It was never a high list item, so I didn't get back to completing the task.

Here is a video BEFORE I started selling these as production systems. Please excuse the lack of professionalism in my voice, and
the clutter on my desk. This would NEVER be used as a business demo, but you can get a sense of how the Blind Spot indicator


I'm always looking to expand and improve the system. The "Blind Spot Monitor" is on my To Do list and will get completed eventually,
It is not a high list item due to demand, so I'd imagine late Spring/Early Summer before I jump on that option again.

If someone orders a system that wants the Blind Spot feature, then It gets priority over anything else (like TPMS, Heads-Up Display, Parking Assist, etc.).

FYI: I've got tracking numbers for the new Double-DIN head units. Should be here mid to late next week!

Super cool watching you put the system together and get it working. Any chance you will pick this back up?