Lightweight 306

Hi Scott

I worked several years ago in a engine-overhaul-shop.

There are several good suppliers in US.

Main work for us where the Ferrari and little Alfa-Engines. Nevertheless, I guess, you also would like to have some high rpms on your engine.

I could recommand carillo rods because we often used these in these italian engines. Nice webside too on Carrillo Industries | High-Performance Rods > Home

Regards Marcel from Switzerland.
Scott, you & Cliff Beer should get your heads together & aggree to use the same specs on some of the basics to do a comparison so we can have some meaningfull feedback from this experiment.

Lets say you agree to use 4.125" bore/ 2.87" stroke/ 5.7" rods/ AFR185 heads/ Same cam specs/ valve train/ Induction etc ( Induction could be different & you both swap intakes etc to compare. Yours would be conventional crank/Cliffs flat plane, try to keep pistons/rods same type & weight so results are meaningfull.

Alloy block would lose dynamic comp due to growth so you would have to consider that.
I sold a couple 180 degree flat cranks to a customer many years ago for an experiment. I know he went back to a conventional crank in each engine and I bet I could buy those flat cranks back at a discount if anybody realy wanted 1. They were right around 3" stroke with chevy rod journals..

Nice idea, but at the moment I'm now thinking of a 364 CI (4.125x3.4) instead of a 306. This way I can use shelf stock parts.

If I can get the same specific pwr as my 293 (1.35hp per ci) a reliable 490hp should be within reach.

Scott, you are finally starting to see the light- I wonder what TA will handle all that torque, or with all that CF do you think that you will still be aquaplaning on your own rubber @ 180mph.:)

Doug S.

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...the alloy one is a bargain at the sale price of $14850!

For sure--like getting the alloy block for an additional $850!

I like the idea of more displacement with a more streetable cam......YEE-HAW :thumbsup: !!

However, I think a lightweight CF masterpiece might just beg for a high winding SBF, something that just really snarls!! In my mind, though, that usually equates to lower CID...

What a dilema......

Like Jac, I'd like to know what TA is coming with the kit, is it the standard equipment (wasn't that an Audi box?) or an optional upgrade, that sort of thing.....I recall some mention of replacing an input shaft and some other parts and having higher torque tolerance.

I'd suspect the upgraded brake package might be an interesting option.....lots of rubber....