Looking for an unfinished SL-C kit

Hey everyone, New to the forum here but not to car building. A little bit about me I'm 32 in north Florida and I grew up building kit cars with my father. We built a Porsche 356 speedster and then a sterling when I was in college. I then went on and had a pseudo rotary performance "shop" for a while building and making performance adder kits and specializing in custom electronics. Now I still have a business doing custom electronic solutions for cars especially the FD rx7 crowd.
I am recently in the market for an SL-C kit in unfinished form With a budget around $60-70k. I have seen a few floating around at that price and if anyone is interested in selling let me know! Thanks!

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S. Please correct your profile to include your real name as agreed to when signing up for the forum. As Walt said keep watching as people’s circumstances sometimes change and a kit becomes available.
Regards Brian
Thanks all, I actually was able to connect with a forum member here rather quickly. I am going to fly out and take a look at Bill Bares kit he has for sale. Really excited!
Update I'm flying out to california on thursday to look at everyhting and leave a deposit! Once delivered to florida Ill start a build thread. Im Very excited for this one. There happened to a be a completed SL-C at a local performance shop here in st augustine so i got to go check it out in the flesh and sit in it etc. this weekend!
Idk haha bill had his for sale for over a year on here. I thought I saw him commenting on your thread but I figured you had passed on it for one reason or another.
Ya I was trying to find one this side of the USA so I could drive to get it. But at this point ill go where ever



Congratulations on the purchase of Bill’s car. I came very very close to purchasing his Kit but I wanted to do a few things that I needed Fran to do so I went with the Turnkey build via Fran at RCR.

I’m excited that you will be in St Augustine. I am in Orlando and that would be a nice road trip.

I also see that you do custom electronics for cars. I would love to chat to see about some of the electronics that I am thinking of adding to my build. I will PM you