Looking for Ford Performance Boss 351 engine block 9.5 deck Parts no. M-6010-BOSS351BB

I am looking for a Ford Performance Boss 351 Engine Block 9.5 deck big bore. Part no. M-6010-BOSS351BB

Unfortunately the delivery time has been moved up from May 22 to October 22.

Does anyone of you maybe have such a block and would like to sell it?
Or maybe someone knows a source that can deliver...

What would be the alternatives if you want to stay with the same quality?

Thank you very much for your help
There is a facebook group called 9.5 deck nation parts, see blocks coming up fairly often - whether Boss, Man o War or Dart.

Summit shows a shortblock in stock that uses your desired block.

Might fit the bill if you don't already have the rotating assembly. Or you might think it worth the premium to get your block now, then try to sell the included parts.

Rob Klein

My Ford block kept getting pushed so I went to Shelby, they are in stock.

Thanks Gents,
@chris - I found the Facebook groop, good Tipp.
@brian - thanks i will do a deeper look at that combo

@Rob -
Of course, I have also thought about using an aluminum block.
Only the price difference keeps me at the moment still from it. 4000 $ more...