LS2 / Sequential 6 speed Transaxle Combo

So, who wants a new drive train for their SLC or GT40? :)

Engine is stock 6ltr LS2 - 297kw (ex Australian HSV - VZ Clubsport) 60,000kms.
Complete engine with all accessories (a/c, alt, starter / stock exh manifolds / etc) and full harness. Top to bottom, front to back - complete. Stock intake manifold and FBW throttle included. 2x flywheels, and 1x clutch (stock) included.

8 Stack is ex-392 Hemi with adapter plates. Extra TPS block included. Adapter plates have been machined to accept stock LS2 injectors, but rails and fitment not done complete.

Transaxle is Elite Racing Transmission's TXL300 6 Speed SEQUENTIAL with internal oil pump, solenoid reverse lock-out, and Gear knob (with lock out control button). Includes Digital gear indicator. Input shaft is (obviously) for the LS series engine, and has been designed with the Albins Bell housing and 20mm adapter plate from the factory. The 'box is geared to 293kph at 7800rpm on our usual wide / tall GT40 rubber (profile attached). Output flange seals have been updated since delivery (by the factory).

Hydraulic realse bearing included (ex-factory). Full workshop manuals, part drawings, CAD files, all included. Gearbox can be used for mounting suspension directly to it. The mounting points are exactly the same as the Hewland NLT, with extras too.

Gears are straight cut, with dog engagement. Output shaft PCD is same as Porsche / Holden.

There are 2x adapter plates supplied with this gearbox - 1x large plate with chassis mounting points (as in pictures), and 1x small plate (profile cut around bell housing.

Am willing to split 8 stack / engine / trans if interested.

Located on the Gold Coast (Qld), Australia.

Price complete - $20,000

Price Split...

8 stack arrangement - $2500
LS2 with stock manifold (complete) - $5000
TXL300 with Bell housing and adapters - $14000

PM me for more details if seriously interested. Cheers.


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