Luke's GT-R build

Ok, the start of this thread lacks any real organization but sitting here with heavy rain outside waiting for other half to come home. Anyhow I thought I'd post some terrible pictures of my GTR and get it up and running.

Local friends 4th GTR. Sadly Ford developed, he ordered and took delivery of it while waiting delivery of mine as a roller. So he got his CF version before me.


Kurtiss H.

Luke, the carbon fiber body looks amazing (I'm so jealous). Looking forward to following your build.
Hey Luke. I see this thread pretty old but I’m new to forum and am very interested in the gtr. Specifically the carbon one like yours. It looks amazing from the pictures. Can you please tell me your feeling on the experience including the fit and finish and quality of the carbon. I have an amazing power plant idea for it and was wondering what power tolerances the car and chassis can hold. Overall please feel free to tell me anything you may think will help me. Obviously as you know it’s not a cheap build so I’d like to educate myself as much as I can. Thanks again and happy new year.
Hey Luke, I would like to see how you have the transaxle mounted as I have a Ricardo too. Did you use the original mount on the top of the transmission or did you fab your own? is it solid mount?
Appreciate any insight.