GT R tires questions

All. I recieved an email today from domeone named Bill at Superlite and he said they need me to order my tires. This project has really been delayed so i dont want to keep him waiting so here is the question: I ordered the CF 10 wheels. 19 by 10 in front snd 20 by 12 in the back. Tire availability is sketchy but i was able to find Michelin Pilot sprts in 275 30 19 for front and 325 25 20for the back. Does anyone have recommendations for sizes or tires or do these look fine. I font have a lot of experience with staggered setups and want the car to look uniform so i think the lower ratio in back accomplishes that but wanted to hear from anyone with thoughts or experience on the topic.

Thanks in advance.


Johnny M

For my build GT-R, 2018 I used Nitto Invo tires and am totally satisfied. 285//30/19 and 345/30/19. Not sure that they are still available. I used Discount Tire Direct. I cannot comment staggered set up.