Manufacturer advice.

So it seems both Tornado and Southern GT are able to provide "kits" at various levels of completion. Have sent a message to both (so far only SGT have responded) so probably leaning towards them at the moment.

Just wanting to start at a place where completion is likely!

My plan would be to have something that looked "correct" and fairly "period" to the average person running a ford v8. with reasonable power nothing crazy, so was assuming renault box would be ok? But have seen there is an audi option?
Southern GT is the one to go for. Mick is so so helpful. Pic of my finished Southern GT, a match made in heaven.


First post and apologies for asking something which must be on here somewhere but being new to the forum and the various manufactures I'm hoping someone can give me a push in the right direction - I am from the UK.

I have always loved the GT40 and often thought it would be nice to build or buy one of the replicas. Years ago I remember some of the GT40 kits were produced by KVA (I think) from what I understand the early chassis for these cars was questionable but were improved over time.

The next manufacturer I was aware of was GTD (?) Which I believe was based on the KVA but with a further improved chassis ? It now seems that in the UK at least the manufactures are Tornado and Southern GT?

I was wondering if buying an unfinished project might be an option and therefore was wondering if there are any manufacturers that are considered superior or mor importantly be avoided?

obviously I would want to have the best car possible but not having unlimited funds would probably prefer if possible building something that could be used but capable of being improved.

Hi Lee, my advice would be to visit the manufacturers you are considering and make sure you are speaking to someone who knows about engineering. There are some very pretty cars out there that are based on sub standard engineering. Whoever you consider do no make a decision until you have visited SGT.