Mark 1 spare tire placement and hold down straps


Anyone have pics of Mark 1 spare tire placement and hold down kit? Placement, brackets and material for the hold down kit would be very helpful.

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Before those restoration carpetbaggers ;)........... advise you on rarity and expense, these parts are obtained OEM from a donor marque and cost about $20-30 a set from the original maker.
Part No: 1051458 from a 1966 European spec. Volvo 140.
Also used on the 164, 200, P1800 and P1800ES models.



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Thanks for the post James, found them at classic Volvo restoration
Great !
My set in post Nr. 2 above are original JWA and there are no differences other than the modern yellow plating on the new retainers.
That is another entry for our Brian's "Original Parts II" list.

To avoid confusion the dog lead in the photo is an original rear clip opening strap.