Mendeola came through

We've been waiting for this Mendeola Transaxle for a couple years, I just wanted to give a good word to Mike Mendeola. They had problems obviously, but I have to say they were alway good about following up with return phone calls and honesty about the issues they were dealing with. Mike Mendeola's own health, suppliers, labor, all of the above. Last week I received the tracking info and today the trans showed up.
This unit is for an LS M6GT and the timing couldn't be better.


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Is that and SDR5?

Glad to hear that they are shipping. Hopefully Mine and Brian's will be forthcoming.

Mark Turner

That is awesome news , a couple more post like this and It will be a lot easier to send in a deposit.
I really would like to start my build with a Mendeola transaxle.