mk2a rear scoops

Its looks like there's a nostril inside the middle scoop directing the air backwards so its not dropping air ontop of the diff.

Found this info in a book last night:
It seems to be there to create an airflow under the clip to get the hot air generated by the brakes out on the backside.

The side scoops & periscopes work together to provide cool air to the brakes and that hot air has to be vented out quick to that middle scoop creates an air flow.
Apparently it didn't contibute much as didn't the persicopes so it all got dropped on the mk2b

Can anyone confirm?

Does someone has a pic from the inside of this middle scoop?

I am handcrafting one at the moment.
I have an original with the clear plexi lid, I would have to see which car its from. what were they looking at or what was its purpose? continuation/replicas don't have a clear len's/window. I have not found the answer to this yet even between the larry miller collection and the Shelby American museum it has been a mystery.............................m