mk2a rear scoops

Its looks like there's a nostril inside the middle scoop directing the air backwards so its not dropping air ontop of the diff.

Found this info in a book last night:
It seems to be there to create an airflow under the clip to get the hot air generated by the brakes out on the backside.

The side scoops & periscopes work together to provide cool air to the brakes and that hot air has to be vented out quick to that middle scoop creates an air flow.
Apparently it didn't contibute much as didn't the persicopes so it all got dropped on the mk2b

Can anyone confirm?

Does someone has a pic from the inside of this middle scoop?

I am handcrafting one at the moment.
I have an original with the clear plexi lid, I would have to see which car its from. what were they looking at or what was its purpose? continuation/replicas don't have a clear len's/window. I have not found the answer to this yet even between the larry miller collection and the Shelby American museum it has been a mystery.............................m
The snorkels were for the rear brakes, the clear plexiglass was so it made it easier to see what was going on behind you, didn't really work. This idea is why on the stage 3 Corvette aero packages on C7'S the center piece in the rear spoiler is smoked plexiglass. Original MKIIA's had this plexiglass. The center scope was to bring cooling air on top of the exhaust system, not the differental as the transaxle had a separate cooler. Additional air dynamic testing and learning from the work on developing the MKIV body resulted in their removal. Continuation cars save cost and this was one of the areas where building the scope with the plexiglass makes it very costly and most people would never notice it. It was made so replacing the 1/8 inch plexiglass was a simple operation as the heat tended to yellow the plastic.
JP I will tell you what I remember about the middle scoop. Looking at the front of your scoop the sides and the top lips are way to big. The sides were like the 1/16th bent over and flattened so was the top piece it did not come to a 90 degree like you have but bent back parallel to the top piece. The sides were the same except they were about 3/16ths short from the top. On the inside of the sides a small strip of aluminum paralleled the outside pieces and was down a little more than the thickness of the plexiglass parallel to the inside edge of the top piece. So to replace the plastic you slid in the plastic in the track formed by these two. This is what held the plastic in the curved position in the scope, hope you understand what I have said, if you didn't I will try and do a couple of drawings.
This is a link to a Dave Friedman photo at The Henry Ford:
It shows the inside of an open rear clip on one of the Mk IIs at LeMans. It's kind of dark, but may be helpful.

The periscopes and central scoops appeared on the Mk IIs at Sebring, but the central scoops did not have the vision panels. I recall reading somewhere that the clear panels were added at the behest of the LeMans scrutineers who determined that the scoops interfered with rearward vision and thus violated the rules.

Steve Sobieralski
Dave it looks great, not as close a fit as I would like around the base of the scoop. As, I recall they were riveted not screwed to the base plate and a as I remember, and remember this is 60 years ago, your lower scoop under the top scoop seems to be about double the height, that I remember, other wise it looks fine, nice job.

Bill K