Monocoque Measurements

I don’t understand the question.
do you want the location of the engine mounts on the side of the block? Or
Do you want the height of the engine mounts in the chassis assembly?


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Will this help ?

This is one of the motor mount drawings I am having a problem reading the numbers on ( fuzzy ). I have circled the fuzzy number and assigned it a capital letter , I know the drawing is in the book GT40 Uncovered. So having the fuzzy numbers revealed should give some of the motor mount dimensions I need.
Support-Engine Mount BRK RH GT40P- 2077.jpg
Scaled and measured to my best ability in acad. I have a struggle making it correct in both directions at the same time.
Heres my result;
a 1,86 b 1,54 or 1,64 c 1,76 d 3,38 e 4,66
A is a function of the intersection point with the upper engine mount plate. I cant remember if this changes from side to side as the engine mounts are set back on one side by around an inch.

B and C are not that important as they need to be altered anyway to align with the lower face of the engine mount. there are additional returns that come off this point that align with the closing panel that forms the bottom face of the engine mount assembly. The corners of this lower face line up with the point formed by B and C so this can be cross checked. my point here is that B and C are an imaginary point that disappears once you add the rest of the folds in and is not noticeable in the final assembly as it is in space if I remember correctly.

D and E need to match and equal the measurements in the rest of the panels that make up the inside face of the engine bay. Allowance needs to be made for the sheet thickness offset from the mating face.



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These engine mounts are offset welded in the chassis, thus the difference in the RH & LH brackets to the engine.