New guy

Hello, for now I'm the newest new guy.
I'm a long-time car lover but until I hit well into middle age I lived vicariously through the car purchases of others. I learned to drive a stick when I was 17 on a BMW 2002 tii and have friends now who take will take me for a ride in their Scuderias.
But my personal 'patient zero' was the Ford GT Mark I. As a youngster (dating myself), I recall watching Wide World of Sports on our small black and white TV a week after the running of LeMans. The first time I saw that GT I was hooked. Pictures, posters, anything to learn more about the car.
I've lived a busy life (who hasn't?) and though I'm mechanically inclined I've been daunted by the thought of building a GT. Even a 'roller' looks like it would take too much elapsed time to suit my needs.
Back to 'middle age', I ended up purchasing a few sports cars and finally a 2005 Ford GT (purchased it in 2008 with 200 miles on the odometer). It is thoroughly amazing but despite my best intentions I have turned it into a true 'garage queen'.
Much as I love them all, I am interested in acquiring a 'real/reproduction' of a Ford GT. A car that I can ride around town and take to the track. Thus I've joined this forum to learn more and try to find the real GT of my dreams.